Wild EP

by Circles/Waves

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Marissa Mazzotta, guitar, bass, keys
Claire Lorenzo, vocals & horn
Cashel Barnett, drums


released July 7, 2016

all songs written and performed by Circles/Waves
recorded & produced by Blunt Prophet
cover photo by Nicole Batista
title design by Ricardo Gonzalez



all rights reserved


Circles/Waves Brooklyn, New York

Claire Lorenzo, lead vocals & horn
Marissa Mazzotta, guitar, bass, backing vocals
Scotty Gervais,

Brooklyn, NY

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Track Name: XO
XO on lover’s notes
your clothes on my bedpost
i swear i know
i’ve got to let you go

Saw you in that restaurant
you were eating smiles plotting plots
I swear I know
I’ve got to let you go

X x X x O o O o
i know you have to go
X x X x O o O o
but babe you’re all I know

do I cross your mind
like XO
Track Name: Sweetened Iced Tea
if i could travel the world
i’d give you all of my pearls,
diamond ruby rings, matter of fact things
casinos by the seaside where the old man sings

if i could swallow the sea
sip it on down like sweetened iced tea
i’d give you whatever you’d please
exhale you like a salty breeze

you want to know
what we’re here for
you ought to know
the body is all we’re here for

life in its arrangement,
it’s constant, it’s insane, it’s complicated
it’s all i know

you want to know
what we’re here for
you ought to know
the body is all we’re here for
Track Name: Circles/Waves
we tell ourselves secrets
hoping it stays the same
searching for the reasons
they've already found a grave

even if there might not be one
i've got to help myself
staring straight past the mirror
eating the pills right off the shelf

that's what makes me so afraid

everything comes in circles
everything comes in waves
history repeating itself

that's what makes me so afraid
Track Name: If You'll Be Mine
you know the heart, it’s a fragile kind
she’s got his but you’ve got mine
we only live once, don’t live twice
i’ll be yours if you’ll be mine

you know my heart beats in 4/4 time
bluest eyes, you’re always on my mind
come on baby, don’t be shy
i’ll be yours if you’ll be mine

so say you’re
always mine